About Us

We are Shadows design. Our story began in 2009, by the tow talented and smart business men Mr. Jassim Altheyab and Eng Ahmed Lofty.

Their passion for authenticity and original design led them to open Shadows Steel, Shadows Carpentry and shadows contracting along with Shadows Design. All 4 companies have since grown to become DOHA`s leading design companies.

Today we successfully apply the strongest wishes of our clients to reality. Good responses of our clients and their happy smiles are the best proof for it. If you face the choice of a team to trust your new interior design, we are glad to offer our services

Jassim Al Theyab (Founder)

We don’t just collect pieces and put them together. We compose spaces that create an experience that’s as beautiful as it is functional. 

Ahmed Lotfy (CEO)

In the near future we are going to see radical changes in how we design interior spaces, thanks to advancements in smart apps and digital display surfaces.